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Halloween (1978)

Started by Chucky, January 06, 2018, 11:16:26 PM

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I think Halloween is a very fine film, very enjoyable and very well made. There's just so many other films that I hold near and dear to my heart that in comparison to those, I am lacking the special feeling this film gives to most people.

What is your opinion of the original Halloween movie?


It boggles the mind that I'm the only one out of all of us who gave it a clean 10/10. [*odd*]

I wasn't born until 1993, and this movie still feels nostalgic for me. [*laugh*]

Basically, I can't find any faults with the film, and though the series itself goes a bit downhill at times, this first movie is masterful.

And on a side-note, if my numbers are correct, I think this is my 200th review on the site, which wasn't planned, but is still a nice choice.


Jigsaw and I recently discussed this movie: