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1975 / Horror
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5.0 / 10
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Directed by Harry Kerwin
Written by Wayne Crawford and Harry Kerwin
Starring Wayne Crawford, Jennifer Stock, Sam Moree, Daniel Schweitzer, William Kerwin and Suzanne Robinson

Three mountain-men brothers living in an uninhabited forest area love their simple lifestyle. When a construction crew shows up to clear the way for a park, the brothers are prepared to stop at nothing to defend their lifestyle - even murder.

The following tags are associated with this movie: slasher
God's Bloody Acre (1975)
Review by Michael Mahoney

5 / 10
After having wanted to see this one for many years now, I can't help but feel disappointed. Not because the movie is particularly bad, but because I was expecting something quite different from what we got.

What I was hoping for was a grimy exploitation flick with decent gore and an escalation of conflict between the mountain men and the construction company. Instead, we get a lot of characters I wasn't expecting dealing with various drama, and eventually coming into contact with the three brothers and dying in somewhat grisly (yet entirely gore-free) ways.

It's certainly grimy, as the rape scene can attest to, and it's entirely a product of the 1970's, but for much of the film, it wasn't that engaging or enthralling. While the sluggish pace was bad enough, the lack of gore in lieu of characterization of the three brothers, wasn't the best trade-off, in my opinion.

What makes this sting more is that one of the main actors, William Kerwin, starred in three H.G. Lewis films (A Taste of Blood, Blood Feast, and Two Thousand Maniacs!), not to mention plenty of other horror flicks, from Whiskey Mountain, The Shadow of Chikara, and Barracuda. With a guy like this, you'd expect a movie with a bit more force. Most of the other actors and actresses here did fine, though by far, Kerwin was the strongest link.

God's Bloody Acre had potential, and I think they sensed it while making it, as there are some artistic and creative cuts in here that look like they belong in a higher-budget film. As it is, this movie might work out well for a drive-in (and the copy I saw certainly had that scratchy, 70's feel that I associate with that), but due to the lack of gore and heavy drama at the beginning, I'd have to unfortunately say that this isn't much worth watching. 5.5/10 (rounded down to 5/10 to fit site's format).
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