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1995 / Horror
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5.0 / 10
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Directed by Bill Condon
Written by Rand Ravich and Mark Kruger
Starring Tony Todd, Kelly Rowan, William O'Leary, Bill Nunn and Matt Clark

The Candyman moves on to New Orleans and starts his horrific murders once more. This time, his intended victim is a school teacher. Her father was killed by the Candyman, and brother wrongly accused of the murders.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Urban Legend, Slasher
Candyman: Farewell to The Flesh (1995)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

5 / 10
This sequel is quite mediocre. Tony Todd has a decent screen presence with his Candyman character but there's not much excitement when he's not on the screen. It's good that we have a flashback showing the origin of the Candyman but the first half of the movie almost feels like it was made for TV rather than a movie.

Die-hard fans of the first movie may be able to find some enjoyment here but others will find it difficult.
Candyman: Farewell to The Flesh (1995)
Review by Michael Mahoney

6 / 10
Generally speaking, this movie is okay. It's certainly nothing special, and doesn't really add much that the first Candyman didn't bring forth, but you could do much worse than this.

Moving away from Cabrini-Green to New Orleans was a perfectly acceptable choice, though again, it doesn't really do that much aside from give a new setting to the story. Otherwise, this movie is pretty similar to the first one, only dealing with Candyman on a slightly more personal level.

While there are some worthwhile sequences (I enjoyed the full flashback of Candyman's origin, especially with the hand being sawed off), there lacks much of the almost-dreamy feel of the first film. Luckily, it does keep that catchy musical theme, but that's not enough to make up for what feels to be an uninspired sequel.

Kelly Rowan did fine as the main character, though didn't possess the same strength I got out of Madsen. It was nice to see Michael Culkin come back, and at least connecting the first two movies, though he didn't really have a chance to do much. William O'Leary was probably the weakest performance here - he just didn't jibe well with me. Voicing the Kingfish, Russell Buchanan was pretty fun throughout, and of course, Tony Todd had a strong presence here, and pretty much blows everyone else out of the water, though he was more threatening in the first film.

There were some pretty questionable special effects near the end, but overall, this movie does a decent job at avoiding too many special effects failures. It doesn't do much to make the movie better, but at the very least, it's a point in the positives for the film.

Personally, I think the first Candyman is a classic of 90's horror, which is one of the weakest decades for the genre since the 1940's. This sequel, while not atrocious by any means, seems wholly unnecessary. I've seen it perhaps three times now, and I've thought the same thing each time I finished it. Not bad, but not that good, and it's nothing compared to the first film.
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