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2018 / Action, Comedy
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6.5 / 10
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Directed by David Leitch
Written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds
Starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller and Morena Baccarin

The foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (also known as Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling cyborg, Cable.

The following tags are associated with this movie: superhero, comic book
Deadpool 2 (2018)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

7 / 10
After seeing the first movie, I remember some friends asking me what the movie was like. My answer, which I think was always fittingly accurate, was that it's not just Ryan Reynolds playing a superhero, but even more so, it's a superhero playing Ryan Reynolds. And this sequel, just ramps it up to its fullest with even more crude humour than I can remember in the first movie.

I've always quite liked Ryan Reynolds style of comedy in movies. He's funny as hell in Waiting..., he was one of the few sparks of entertainment in the mediocre third Blade movie, and in Deadpool he gets to showcase that same style of comedy essentially non-stop from beginning to end as the main character. I think it goes without saying, if you dislike Ryan Reynolds, you're probably going to have a hard time sitting through this movie because he never shuts up. He's not just in the movie, he is the movie.

I feel as though the original movie was a slightly better action movie, and this one is a slightly better comedy but all in all, they are essentially identical. I'm not a huge fan of movies with heavy doses of CGI, and this movie has even more than the first, so much that Deadpool references it in the movie before two complete CGI characters are about to fight each other. The fact that they take this piss out of it makes it a little easier to bear but at the end of the day, I just don't like looking at it.

Deadpool 2 is plenty of fun, and a great alternative for people who can't watch any of the usual Marvel Avenger bullshit out there. It's got heaps of laughs and is excessively more violent than the other superhero flicks being shat out routinely by Hollywood.
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