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1996 / Action, Thriller
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5.0 / 10
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Directed by Andy Sidaris
Written by Andy Sidaris
Starring Kevin Light, Cristian Letelier, Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith, Shae Marks, Marcus Bagwell and Gerald Okamura

The Agency's computer database is compromised by a powerful criminal named "The Warrior". Now, with the list of all the undercover agents' identities in hand, he is going after them, one by one.

The following tags are associated with this movie: erotica, wrestler, espionage
Day of the Warrior (1996)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

5 / 10
Was there a breast size requirement for the actresses that auditioned for this? I mean, god damn... if I were a young teenager again, I could definitely see myself wrecking a few pairs of pants while watching this movie. And I guess that's really the best thing (or should I say "breast thing"?) going for it. It has hot women with big titties and some silly bad guys get blown up along the way.

The main bad guy in the movie was also a wrestler, who I remember from WCW back in the day (Buff Bagwell) and while there's nothing special about his performance, it's somewhat indicative of the acting talent in the movie when you can say that that his performance is as good (and I'm using the term "good" rather loosely) than any of the other cast. Aside from the big titties, the movie has some chiseled dudes showing off their bodies and spouting the occasional cheesy line. It's all in good fun and is what it is.

Would I watch Day of the Warrior again? Maybe. But if I do, it would only be for the tits and not really for anything else.
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