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1997 / Action, Thriller
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5.0 / 10
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Directed by Albert Pyun
Written by Albert Pyun
Starring Linden Ashby, Andrew Divoff, Kimberly Warren, Rutger Hauer and Thom Mathews

Terrorists are holding the U.S. Olympic swim team hostage, and only the janitor can stop them.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Terrorism
Blast (1997)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

5 / 10
A stellar example of what a generic, mediocre movie is. It boasts a decent cast which includes Linden Ashby (Mortal Kombat), Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Thom Matthews (Friday the 13th part 6) and it even has a young Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie). Unfortunately, none of these names do a whole lot to turn this movie into anything even decent.

Rutger Hauer is almost completed wasted, spending the majority of his screen time just sitting in a chair (he's disabled, not that it does anything for his character) and talking on the phone in a fairly monotone way. I was expecting just a little more from Ashby too as he was pretty entertaining in Mortal Kombat but doesn't even come close to having the same level of charisma or screen presence in this flick. Andrew Divoff does well enough, but is limited by such a flat, uninspired script.

There's no special fight scenes, nothing memorable at all. The movie mainly involves thugs running around, looking for Ashby's character and occasionally getting into scuffles while Divoff's character occasionally shoots hostages and threatening to blow up the facility when negotiating with the FBI. All of this generic mediocrity is capped off with an absolutely abysmal looking explosion effect, which is surprising because even though the budget isn't huge, the production seemed rather competent up to that point.

While I wasn't expecting anything special from Blast, I was left rather underwhelmed and somewhat disappointed.
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