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2008 / Comedy, Horror
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4.3 / 10
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Directed by Mark Jones
Written by Mark Jones
Starring Paydin LoPachin, Rocky Marquette, Katie Chonacas and Bruce Weitz

In 1993, in Hollywood, California, a decadent ventriloquist overdoses and dies, leaving her two children to be sent to a foster house with their dummy. Their lives become a nightmare of abuse and murder, to be avenged by a wrathful dummy.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Dolls, Serial Killer
Triloquist (2008)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

7 / 10
What a weird movie. Because it features a doll as one of its main characters, it was marketed toward Chucky fans and boasts about how it's directed by the guy that did the original Leprechaun movie. Well, it's certainly not like any Chucky movie and it really doesn't strike any similarity to Leprechaun either.

First things first, I wouldn't call this a killer doll movie. There are certain kill scenes in it which involve the doll, or "Dummy" as it is referred to, but the real killer in this movie is the young lady named Angelina. Her brother, who we are led to believe is some sort of awesome ventriloquist, spends most of his time bumbling around the screen looking like Justin Long had contracted some intense level of autism. The doll is voiced reasonably well by Bruce Weitz, but is not at all scary.

I'm not entirely sure what Triloquist is trying to be, it's listed as a comedy/horror but it doesn't really succeed well enough in either category to be considered a good comedy or a good horror movie. There are a bunch of giggles to be had throughout with its crude level of humour, but it's not an overly funny movie. There are some WTF moments in the film, including its ending, and I guess that is really the only type of audience that this movie will truly appeal to.

So if you like really weird movies, Triloquist is worth a watch. I appreciate its quirky and silly nature and while I didn't like it at all when I first watched it, my enjoyment of it seems to always increase with each subsequent viewing.
Triloquist (2008)
Review by Michael Mahoney

1 / 10
So, it's hard right now for me to resist the urge to write an all caps review of how terrible this movie is, because I want to try and retain some modicum of professionalism. That said, Triloquist is one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen, and if I had a choice to watch this again or kill myself, I'd been grabbing for the rope in a heartbeat.

That might sound like an exaggeration, but I'm not entirely sure that it is.

Directed by Mark Jones, who brought us the decently enjoyable classic Leprechaun, Triloquist is a horrible experience from beginning to end. It starts off reminded me of Seed of Chucky, only, get this, worse (and my seething hatred for Seed of Chucky isn't something that I thought would have competition).

Narration by the dummy. Narration that's supposed to be funny. The dummy often talks about how hot Paydin LoPachin's tits are, because that always gets a laugh. Honestly, pretty much everything in this movie was cringe-worthy, but the dummy's dialogue (not to mention voice) has to be the worst part of this.

Paydin LoPachin's performance was terrible. She was trying so hard to be an even more crazy Baby Firefly, but she didn't display an ounce of Sherri Moon Zombie's talent. She's attractive, but as she had zero nude scenes, all that concerned me was her atrocious dialogue, annoying personality, and the fact she's entirely unlikable.

Also, I love how, for some reason, LoPachin's character never says 'ventriloquist' – it's always 'triloquist,' because... yeah, no reason. A+++++++++ choice, amiright???????

Let's talk about Rocky Marquette - wait, no, as he barely did anything aside from look mentally challenged, it's not fair to comment on him one way or the other.

At least we got some good music, amiright?

That's a joke - the music here was, again, terrible. Everything in this movie was terrible. Everything. Every little thing. Every scene, every line of dialogue (save a single line near the beginning that made me chuckle), and everything else too.

Horror-comedies that are far more focused on the comedy aspect couldn't interest me less. A movie like Arachnophobia or Scream? That's a perfectly balanced ratio of horror:comedy. But when a movie gets too focused on the humor, especially the idiotic humor presented here (and other movies have done it too, such as Nightmare Sisters and Seed of Chucky), I lose all interest.

Seed of Chucky was a terrible movie with very few redeeming factors. I gave it a 2/10, and that's being generous. Triloquist had no redeeming factors. Nothing. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, period. 0/10 (rounded up to 1/10 because I don't have a choice on either IMDb or here).
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