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1992 / Horror
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9.0 / 10
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Directed by Lesley Manning
Written by Stephen Volk
Starring Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene, Mike Smith, Craig Charles, Gillian Bevan and Brid Brennan

The BBC gives over a whole evening to an investigation into the supernatural. Four respected presenters and a camera crew attempt to discover the truth behind 'the most haunted house in Britain'.

The following tags are associated with this movie: found footage, supernatural
Ghostwatch (1992)
Review by Michael Mahoney

9 / 10
This British entry to ghost films is immensely creative and enjoyable. First airing on BBC1 on Halloween, 1992, Ghostwatch is shown as a "live" television special about examining the supernatural, hosted by long-time broadcaster Michael Parkinson.

Throughout the event, he speaks to callers, guests who both believe and disbelieve in the supernatural, and learns about the supposedly supernatural happenings at a house in northern London, a live investigation (led by real UK television personality Sarah Greene). Even now, in 2017, it's an immersive experience, unlike almost any other movie I've seen. It feels real, in short.

And I can only imagine, back during the Halloween of 1992, it felt real to the viewers too. Such was the furor and fright of the reactions that BBC actually placed a ten-year ban on the program before it could be aired again. And the film still holds up today.

When I first saw it, during one of the October Challenges of year's past, I rather loved it, and it stood out easily. Luckily, a re-watch doesn't dull the immersive sense of the film. A movie I totally recommend, and one of the highlights of the 1990's. Lastly, kudos to Michael Parkinson - he did immensely well here, and I see why his own program lasted as long as it did. He has both a soothing voice and fantastic presence. 8.5/10 (rounded up to 9/10 to fit site's format).
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