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2012 / Horror, Thriller
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7.0 / 10
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Directed by Danielle Harris
Written by Alyssa Lobit
Starring Alyssa Lobit, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Kamala Jones, AJ Bowen, Brianne Davis, Christopher Backus and Dana Daurey

A group of friends get together for a murder mystery party, but things take a dark turn when one hijacks the evening and is out for blood.

The following tags are associated with this movie: torture, mystery
Among Friends (2012)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

7 / 10
I was a little worried when the movie began as the overall production value during the first few minutes appeared lower than I was expecting. However, Kane Hodder brought some immediate relief with his first of two funny appearances in the movie. It didn't take all that long to really get things moving either as we're provided with lot of early answers as to what's happening and who's doing what (it's easily given away by the cover art anyway).

The lead actress Alyssa Lobit, who also wrote the movie, puts in a commendable performance and everyone else is adequate enough despite some of the characters having some annoying traits. There was one person in particular, who I was wondering if he was wearing a wig, as his hair-doo had him looking like some ridiculous relation to Zach Galifianakis. It was really starting to bug me, that is until Alyssa Lobit's character had the exact same thought and pulled it off of his head. This moment definitely won some points from me.

I found myself to be quite invested in the unfolding events, though the movie never really ends up evolving to anything spectacular. There were a couple of noteworthy cameos, aside from Kane Hodder's hilarious performance, Michael Biehn throws his face in there and Danielle Harris (director) also makes an appearance during a hallucination scene which has her in her full Jamie Lloyd Halloween costume.

I see many other websites listing this as a horror comedy, while there are a few lines here and there designed to get a laugh, I really didn't feel like this was trying to be that much of a comedy at all or perhaps the comedic side flew way over my head? I really struggled between a 6 or 7 rating for this movie, ultimately it was Kane Hodder's dancing that pushed it over the line. I had some fun with this movie, and it always had me engaged but there's something missing which is holding it back from being a truly good movie.
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