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2000 / Thriller
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4.0 / 10
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Directed by Michael Rissi
Written by Michael Rissi
Starring Justine Priestley, David DeWitt, Karen Grosso and Chuck Williams

A former mental patient will stop at nothing to have her married neighbour all to herself.

The following tags are associated with this movie: bunny boiler
Up Against Amanda (2000)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

4 / 10
Justine Priestley looks good, but the overall low budget production hinders the movie to a great length for me. There is a scene in which they're using what looks like Windows 98, which is fine in itself since that would have been true to the time of its production, but that's what the movie feels like as a whole. It's like you're operating Windows 98 when you could rather be operating with Windows 10.

The acting is fine enough given that the majority of cast are no-names. I watched the movie about an hour ago and I can't remember what the music was like so I guess there's nothing to compliment or complain about with that. The dialogue is a bit corny and the camerawork at times is a bit off. For example, there was one scene where a picnic basket is kicked, and the transition to that angle was out of place.

There was one kill in the movie where she ties a guy up to a bed, shoves a hair iron up his ass and turns it on and comes back to some overcooked ass. But that's about it in terms of anything remotely special or memorable. I won't be watching this again.
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