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2000 / Horror, Drama
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8.5 / 10
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Directed by John Fawcett
Written by Karen Walton and John Fawcett
Starring Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche, Mimi Rogers, Jesse Moss, Danielle Hampton and John Bourgeois

Two death-obsessed sisters, outcasts in their suburban neighborhood, must deal with the tragic consequences when one of them is bitten by a deadly werewolf.

The following tags are associated with this movie: werewolf
Ginger Snaps (2000)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

8 / 10
I've never been a big fan of werewolf movies but thankfully this one is a little different to most others, probably because it spends a lot more time with its characters and relationships than it does with showing a furry beast roaming around. Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins seem to have a pretty good rapport as sisters. I enjoyed the different situations regarding Ginger's transition to becoming a werewolf.

I certainly recommended this movie.
Ginger Snaps (2000)
Review by Michael Mahoney

9 / 10
When all is said and done, this modern-age werewolf tale is tragic. Two sisters must confront something entirely outside of their control, and though once close beyond measure, they become ripped apart by unwanted transformations (both puberty and werewolfism).

I truly believe this is one of the saddest horror films out there, because I completely buy Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle's relationship here, and it just hurts to see them pulled apart by something that was no fault of their own. It's simple, but it's effective, and though I generally find the werewolf sub-genre one of the hardest to appreciate in horror, this is a fantastic film.

Of course, a lot of it goes to the performances of Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle. Perkins, naturally, played Beverly in the 1990 adaptation of Stephen King's It, and grew into a decently attractive young woman. She does great here as a put down upon teen, with her snarky sister, Katharine Isabelle. Isabelle does amazing too, and definitely brings another recognizable face into the mix, as she's popped up in plenty of horror films, from Freddy vs. Jason and American Mary to Hard Ride to Hell and 13 Eerie.

Few others in the cast are near as spectacular, but that's not something to fault them for. In different ways, many of the others here shined, including Kris Lemche, Jesse Moss (though I didn't love his character's story), and Mimi Rogers (especially toward the end, with a bit of a WTF line). All add a little something to the film, which is welcomed.

By throwing in puberty and periods into the mix, Ginger Snaps feels real. Isabelle's character is literally growing up, threatening to leave Perkins' character behind, and this alone would make for a great sibling drama. Mix in some werewolves and an emotional conclusion, and you're set. 8.5/10 (rounded up to 9/10 to fit site's format).
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