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2018 / Horror
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3.0 / 10
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Directed by Luciana Faulhaber
Written by Jessica Boucher and Danielle Killay
Starring Luciana Faulhaber, Jeff Berg, Hailey Heisick, Javier E. Gómez, Lindsay Eshelman, Curtis K Case and Jarrod Robbins

Five friends from New York City embark on a rural getaway for a holiday vacation, but they soon find themselves being targeted by a local, murderous psycho, who may have connections to the group.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Slasher
Don't Look (2018)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

3 / 10
There were two things I had read prior to watching this movie, one is that this is directed by a woman, and the other being that this is meant to be some sort of throwback to 80's slasher movies. There is nothing unique about the directing and women have been making movies forever... so why is this necessary to highlight? As for being an 80's throwback... huh? Outside of this being a slasher movie, a beloved sub-genre of the 80's, it didn't remind me much at all about 80's slasher flicks... it's just a shit, modern day slasher. We might as well apply the 'throwback' term to most modern slasher movies if we're going to do it with this one, It just comes across as a cheap marketing tactic.

The acting is mediocre. The characters are a blend of boring, annoying and cliched. There's a few violent moments, but nothing memorable or special on that front. I'm not even sure what the fuck they were doing with the camera at certain points... just watch the beginning car trip scene for some unnecessary close-ups that make you feel as though you've accidentally sat on your DVD remote's zoom button. Outside of a quick 30 second flashback at the end of the film, I found very little to enjoy about the killer either.

The only real positive for me was the decent pair of tits that is shown halfway through the movie. Everything else kinda blows... I wouldn't even be surprised if the script had originally been written on the back of a restaurant menu.
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